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About Us

[Your Company Name] is your one-stop shop for everything promotional products and much more. We offer our clients a rich portfolio of unique products at highly cost effective prices. We understand your need for high quality products and you can trust our team of experts to design and produce the perfect quality of your choice.

Why Choose Us!

We are not only your regular promotional products provider, we offer much more because we believe you deserve more. When you use engage our service, you enjoy some amazing add-ons.

Free One Color Imprint: When you buy promotional products from us, we offer you one free color imprint on all the products. This is one of our value-added services that we offer our esteemed customers.

Free Logo Set Up: Usually, companies offering promotional products design and production charge fees for logo set up. However, we do it for free! We offer free logo set up, so you don’t have to worry about the additional cost.

Opportunity to visit our Physical Showroom: You don’t have to depend on only what we display on our website. You can visit our showroom to see the physical promotional products before you make your choice. Our doors are always open to our clients for visits during work hours. You will be able to see, check, and feel all the products.

Free Samples: We understand there might be more team members involved in the decision making process on what promotional products to buy. Therefore, we make the job easier for you. Simply provide us with your office address and we will send you free samples to check in order to make your decision. After your team has made the decision, you can return the samples to us.

Customized Product from our China Office: Whatever design, shape or product you want, you can trust our China office to customize it for you. If you need customized products in your logo shape or you have a special product request, we will make it available to you without any stress. Our special product sourcing office in China is always at the top of their game to satisfy our clients.

Access to Catalog: Depending on your request, we can provide you with our digital or paper catalog to make your decision making process faster.

Free Nationwide Delivery: Wherever your office is in the country, we will make the delivery to your doorsteps. We offer free nationwide delivery to anywhere in the country.

Customer Support: Our customer support team is always ready to assist you with any issue. You can contact us through direct live chat, phone call, or email. We are always at your service.

High Quality Products: We offer only top quality promotional products, which are designed to enhance the image of your brand and give it a premium look and feel. You can be certain that the gifts’ recipients will be delighted to do business with you.

We offer New and Unique Products: We don’t sell what everyone else sells. We are different and unique, and we provide only unique and new products, which are not common in the market. This means when you give out the promotional products you purchase from us, your customers will treasure it and will want to keep it for life.

Wide Range of Product: We have a rich portfolio of products and we are consistently adding more to the list. This is to offer you a wide range of products to choose from.

Free Creative Art Department: We have a team of creative art specialists dedicated to providing the digital impression of how your logo and brand color will look on the product. This will be done instantly and delivered within hours of your request.

Full E-Commerce Website Platform: Our e-commerce website is very functional and offers various features to make your interaction with our company very seamless. You can instantly order for products online, request for quotation, request for free digital proof, make enquiry, or use our call me button, where you enter your phone number and we will call you up immediately. All these are designed to give you a smooth interface on our site and with our team.

Events/Industry Shopping Option: Due to the wide range of products on our website, you might find it a bit stressful to go through all in search of what you want. However, you don’t have to worry; we have included a special selection feature, which allows you to find products by type of event or industry. All products have been grouped according to what best fits the event and industry. This makes searching easy for you.

Direct Factory Price: All our products are gotten at direct factory price, which means you don’t have to pay any middleman to get your promotional products from China. We have our production factories and sourcing department in China and based on this capacity, you gets to pay lower price for the products purchased.

Re-seller Program: If you are a promotional product distributor, advertising agency, event planner, gift shop, or you plan to re-sell the products, you can also enjoy amazing benefits. You can sign up for our re-seller program and get discounts on product cost, among many other cool benefits.

We are your choice provider when it comes to promotional products. We are not only known in United States but we have presence across the world. [Your Company Name] is a global brand with branch offices in different parts of the world. This gives us the capacity to handle all orders, small or large, in a seamless manner.